Piotr Łój
Owner / Virtual Dream Foundation / Poland

    Piotr Łój founded Virtual Dream Foundation which through he is providing VR experiences to hospitals, children oncology clinics, hospices, child care homes and many other social and medical facilities. Virtual Reality technology is just perfect for those little warriors to distract them from difficult reality.

    He is producing 360 videos and bringing in VR goggles, so they can fulfill their dreams in virtual world. Jumping with a parachute, seeing the world, playing soccer with their favorite team, flying as a bird or… seeing their home room once again.

    Goal of his foundation is to equip hospitals in VR hardware, proper VR content, 360 videos and know-how, and to train medical staff, volunteers and coordinate potential cooperation with sponsors / partners.

    Session: Forum 2 – Connecting

    Date: 14 Jun