About Knowledge of Design Week (KODW)

We live in one of the most prolific design culture in history. In the design superhighway of our times, where yesterday’s knowledge no longer satisfy the needs of today, let alone tomorrow, how can businesses and public services remain relevant, sustainable and forward-looking?

Since 2006, KODW is an annual thematic programme that gathers the global design community to explore the big design debates of today, offers an opportunity for us all to engage in a dialogue on how design can solve complex challenges of our society.

By integrating ethnographic user researches, big data-driven insights, and emerging trends and technologies across a range of macro topics – think ageing, public service, city livability, health and well-being, and various areas of social concerns,- KODW seeks to foster cross-disciplinary learning and exchange through forums, roundtable, case studies and workshops.

Beyond translating knowledge into new practices to inspire human-centric innovations for tomorrow, KODW has also been proven to be an invaluable knowledge sharing platform,connecting global field experts, policy makers, industry leaders and curious minds across academia, creative and business communities.

Bridging knowledge with practices to help today’s businesses and societies, KODW is determined to unearth the untapped potential and compelling impact of design for individuals, communities, enterprises and cities.