KODW 2017 Connecting    CONNECTING

Taking a people-centred approach to understanding user behaviour, digital interactions and communication needs for a range of individuals and community networks, the forum will address two major topics – ‘Social Digital’ and ‘Community Unity. From re-engaging citizens, social entrepreneurship and support for tech start-ups and getting design into public services, design plays a significant role in making meaningful connections in data and translating data into insights and actions. We will explore:

  1. What are the emerging trends in digital and communications technologies?
  2. And, what are the impacts on individuals, businesses, organisations, governments and societies?
  3. How might governments strategically deploy digital technology to improve public services, public interface, policy-making process and engagement with the citizens?
  4. What is the role of data in the design of future cities and communities?
  5. What is the future of Artificial Intelligence and robotics? How do these technological breakthroughs transform the way we experience and connect with the world?