Per Kristiansen
Per Kristiansen
Partner / Trivium / Denmark

    Per Kristiansen has been partner in Trivium since 2006.

    He spent a number of years working in the LEGO Group. First, as change agent in the Pre-School area, he then joined the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY activities, initially Executive Discovery, the start-up that developed and managed the method and later in the LEGO Company. Initially Per’s role was two pronged: 1) Master Trainer and 2) Responsible for Europe and the Middle-East. When Executive Discovery was closed down and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY became part of LEGO, Per took on the role as global manager of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.

    Per has master degree in intercultural business, and has spent his career helping companies accelerate change and innovation, and in developing robust strategies. He has been based in Italy, Scandinavia and in the UK. He now lives in Copenhagen with his partner Christina and their two sons.

    Session: Workshop 1 – LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

    Date: 12 Jun