1. What are forums?

    Forums are presentations given by global thought leaders to share their insights, projects and cases relating to the theme of that year’s KODW, followed by a Q&A session. Often, speakers are invited to join a panel discussion at the end of each forum.

  2. What are workshops?

    Our hands-on workshops offer an intense and intimate learning environment. They usually feature a mix of lectures, case studies, individual & group exercises, discussions, presentations and experience sharing, subject to the course design by the workshop leaders. Workshops are offered in half-day or full-day format.

  3. Should I attend forums or workshops?

    Our forums are designed for creative design professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs and innovators, healthcare leaders, professionals in public and private sectors or NGOs, academics and students from the disciplines of health, healthcare, design, architecture, urban-planning, public policy & administration, sustainability, business development, marketing and research and policy-makers.

    The workshops are designed for creative design professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs and innovators and business development, marketing and research professionals

  4. Can I attend all the workshops including those that happen at the same time?

    Participants can only attend one workshop at a time. As participants may be divided into groups to perform tasks assigned by the workshop leader, attending the entire workshop is mandatory.

  5. Where can I find the speakers and session abstracts?

    The programme page on the KODW website. More details will be available soon, please stay tuned!

  6. Can I attend the Design.Cities. Health Ecosystem Roundtable & the InnoDesign Leadership CEO Forum?

    Both the Design. Cities. Health Ecosystem Roundtable and the InnoDesign Leadership CEO Forum are by invitation only. The public are welcome to attend all other forums and workshops.

  7. Are there any networking opportunities during KODW?

    There are coffee breaks between every forum and workshop, where participants will have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and business leaders to share their thoughts and explore business opportunities.

  8. How can I collect my badge after registering as a delegate online?

    Once you have registered and the online payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation email with QR code in your registered email. Please bring along the confirmation email with QR code to registration counter in order to collect your badge for entry.

  9. Why haven’t I received the confirmation email?

    The confirmation email will be sent to the registered delegate only when the payment is completed. If you fail to receive this, please feel free to contact us at kodw16@arconmarketing.com for technical and payment enquiries.

  10. Can I still attend the forum or workshop if I forget to bring along the confirmation email?

    Delegate must present their confirmation email with QR code for attending both the forum and workshop.

  11. Can I lend my badge to my friend so that he or she can also attend the forum/ workshop?

    The badge is not transferable and the delegate will be held responsible for the use of the badge issued to them. If evidence of misuse or abuse of privileges is discovered, the badge is deemed invalid and HKDC has the right to terminate his/her participation at any time without prior warning. The participation fee paid is not refundable.

  12. If I miss the online registration period, can I register onsite?

    Yes. You are welcome to come to our event venue for onsite registration at the registration counter. Only cash will be accepted as a form of payment.