Collaboration Opportunities

HKDC sponsors receive exposure to more than 7000 members of the HKDC knowledge community, including international consultancies, world-class design and technology institutions as well as reputable industry experts. Collectively, HKDC’s global network will help us work towards our public mission: To promote design thinking and innovation leadership through building creative confidence across HK and Asia. Check out our current sponsors here.

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There are many ways to join our knowledge community. Collaborations across HKDC programmes for our conferences, events, workshops and other activities could be:

Sponsorship Packages:

  • Sponsorship in cash — Platinum, Gold, Silver
  • Sponsorship in kind
  • Bespoke collaboration

Partnership Packages:

  • Co-organisers
  • Strategic Partners
  • Strategic Knowledge Partners
  • Media Partners
  • Event Management Partners
  • Venue Partners