• Onny Eikhaug

Pushing Boundaries: New Transport Design from Norway

Legislation is not always an innovation killer – but sometimes a driver for it. Setting directions and ambitious goals that challenges creativity and invention, combined with the wish to go the extra mile without compromises creates amazing results in a technology driven industry.

In Norway inclusive design has been a government focus for more than a decade, with a cross-political commitment to succeed in the vision of making Norway an inclusive society. The tool for achieving this is The Government Action Plan for Universal Design, where 12 Ministries are responsible for reaching the milestones set in the plan for their sector, such as The Ministry of Transport. The Norwegian citizens are already reaping the fruits of this commitment and investment in public, sustainable transport and can experience delightful, inclusive passenger transport at land and at sea. Here we explore the incentives, process and results from some lighthouse Norwegian transport solutions ranging from passenger ferries, trains, light rails and buses.

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