Designers across all disciplines and design thinkers

Hospital designers & builders

Policy makers, city planners & resource managers

Architecture, design and engineering & construction project management executives

Hospital management & clinical and patient care professionals

Public spaces, elderly home, care facility & rehabilitation centre heads

Medical tech innovators & entrepreneurs, health tech & ageing-in-place technologists

Business executives, marketers, trend analysts and forecasters

Educators, researchers and academics across business, design, architecture, urban planning, public policy, medical, sociology, urban health, nursing & engineering

Charities & non-profit management leaders



Spatial, service, product & communication designers working to deliver integrated experience

Medical device companies designing & developing the next-generation of intelligent products

IoT specialists on the forefront of accelerating integration and interoperability of healthcare technology and services

Big data and AI experts working to gather, analyse and disseminate healthcare, lifestyle & wellbeing insights in city making and living environments

Smart home designers & interior architects actively planning and implementing good design and leading edge technology

Clinical care and hospital management companies that are experts in managing care and facilities, technologies and processes that are transforming the industry and service offering

Premier construction firms with global capabilities and expertise in design and construction